Visitor information

Getting there

VodaFest takes place at the Austrian Club Melbourne, 90 Sheehan Road, Heidelberg West. It is located about 20 minutes north east of Melbourne CBD.

See the map here


A list of available ways of transportation follows, ordered from the most to the least recommended by the VodaFest team.

  1. Public transport. Take a bus no 250 from the City (bus stop is located on the corner of Lonsdale St/Swanston Street) towards LaTrobe University and get off at the Oriel Road/Dougharty Road stop. Another 5 minutes of walk and you are there. (1 block)

  2. Catch a lift. Please, don't drive to VodaFest alone. Make sure to contact your family members and friends and if you have to drive, use as few vehicles between all of you as possible. This way you can responsibly enjoy our special beer on tap.


On-site and on-street parking is available:

  1. Visitors parking. This is the most convenient way of all-day parking at VodaFest. Our signs and friendly volunteer staff will navigate you to the on-site parking areas. This car park will be available to all the visitors from 11 am to 8 pm and is free of charge.
    Note: If the on-site parking areas are full you will be advised to find a parking in close street parking areas.

  2. Disabled parking, is available only to vehicles with disabled person's parking card displayed, elderly persons and expectant women. The disabled parking is located on-site and our friendly staff will navigate you through.

  3. Performers and volunteers parking. This parking is available to all those who are helping to run the festival on the day and need to have a car access to the festival premises, such as technical vehicles, performers, medical staff and others. Only visitors with special permission will be allowed to park at this parking.

What to bring

Fees and costs

Entry fee: $10 Adult, children under 18 free
Children: free
Parking fee: free

Festival entre fee will help to cover festival costs and all the profit will be reinvested into the Czech and Slovak Community projects.

Pay cash

Please, make sure to bring cash with you. There are not going to be many EFTPOS terminals on site. Entry fees, all goods and services are to be paid in cash.