VodaFest 2014 Czech and Slovak Festival

Saturday, 22 November 2014 - 11:00am - 5:00pm
Austrian Club Melbourne
76-90 Sheehan Rd
Heidelberg West, VIC 3081

Preparations for the next year's VodaFest Czech and Slovak Festival  are well under way and we have good news for you.The date has been confirmed so you can save the date the 22nd of November 2014. If you visited the festival before you'll know that you're going to be able to taste traditional Czech and Slovak food, various kinds of beer and lots more! And you know what they say about the Czech beer - apparently it is the best in the world so you better come and try some. Do not forget to add this date to your calendar!

As you can see the VodaFest Czech and Slovak Association is here to help the community and support the Czech and Slovak culture in Australia.  If you'd like to be be part of this great cause you might like to consider becoming a member of the Association. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know new people and have fun while bringing to life some of the Czech and Slovak culture and traditions.

Guess what! If you become a member of the Association, you'll get a FREE ticket to the 2014 VodaFest Czech and Slovak Festival. For details of the Association membership, see VodaFest Association Membership.

If you'd like to be kept up to date more often than once a month, you might want to Like our Facebook page at VodaFest Facebook Page.

Our Twitter account is pretty active at @VodaFest



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As you can see the VodaFest

As you can see the VodaFest Czech and Slovak Association is here to help the community and support the Czech and Slovak culture in Australia. 


As you can see the VodaFest

As you can see the VodaFest Czech and Slovak Association is here to help the community and support the Czech and Slovak culture in Australia. 


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