VodaFest Camping Weekend

Saturday, 2 February 2013 - 12:00pm - Sunday, 3 February 2013 - 12:30pm
Sumava Peksa Park
46 Locks Way
Belgrave South, VIC 3081

Vodafest Check and Slovak Association would like to invite you for this overnight event full of fun, surprise and adventure where you can not only learn bush survival skills but also put them in practice!

On the day you will learn basic bush survival skills and rules such as reading the map, use of compass, building a shelter and the tent, basic first aid, what to pack in your backpack, how to call for help, how to navigate through the bush during day and night using the sun and stars also to recognize Australian plants and animals and much much more!
The real adventure starts during the treasure hunt where kids will be navigating through the forest relaying on the skills they have learnt. Their survival communication skills will be put in test through the use of walky talkies as the main way of communication with base camp.
For parents who want to test their bush survival skills and see whether they are at least as good as their kids there will be an adult version of treasure hunt ;o)
We finish the day with sitting around the campfire under the night sky with guitar music and one more surprise!
Please feel free to dress thematically to make the event more authentic and fun.
10am – play games/activities for kids
1pm – Lunch BBQ provided
After lunch – bush survival activities and treasure hunt
7pm – Dinner gulas provided
Evening campfire and free fun
Overnight stay in tents – so bring your tent!
8am - Breakfast

Price is $30 for adult (this includes lunch, dinner, breakfast, beer on tap, cordial water for kids and cost of activities and prices)
Please email to info@vodafest.org the number of adults and kids attending so we can make the appropriate arrangements for meal and activities supplies. Also if you would like to stay overnight and don`t have a tent we will try to organize it for you.
We are looking forward to see you all there!


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