VodaFest in two weeks

Dear friend,

With only two weeks to go, it is time for the visitors to start getting ready for the day. It is also time for those who want to help to start helping. Here is an update for all visitors with the frequently asked questions answered. Please, make sure to also read about how you can support the festival and the community.

VodaFest on SBS Radio

To hear about the festival in your language, please tune in SBS Radio on Sunday, 31/10/2010 from 9pm in Czech language and from 10pm in Slovak language.

Frequencies in Melbourne are 93.1FM and 1224AM.

For frequencies in your area, visit SBS Radio website at

Sokol Melbourne supports VodaFest 2010

Organisation Committee of Vodafest 2010 acknowledge cooperation with Sokol Melbourne. Special thanks to Marketa Lyell, the President of Sokol and to Kvart magazine for publishing article about Vodafest 2010.

Read the article (in Czech language) here:

Read about Vodafest 2010 in Czechoaustralan

We are pleased to announce that bimonthly magazine Czechoaustralan became a media partner of Vodafest 2010. We acknowledge cooperation with chef editor Barbara Semanov who published an article about our community festival in October/November's issue of her magazine. Thank you Barbara!

Read the whole article (in Czech language) here:

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