VodaFest Czech and Slovak Festival in Melbourne

VodaFest is a community project centered around Czechs and Slovaks in Australia, that started in July 2010. It's main goal is to organize the anual Czech and Slovak Festival -- VodaFest. First time, VodaFest took place on 13. November 2010 at Sumava Peksa Park in Melbourne followed by second successful round hold on 25 February 2012.

The inaugural festival, as well as its second instance took place at Sumava Peksa Park, a community centre of Czech and Slovaks in Belgrave South, 45 minutes east of Melbourne CBD.

The festival offers performances by Czech and Slovak artists, taste the original food and beverages or showcase of the Eastern European traditions. Everyone is welcome to join us for this great community event, and we hope people of good will and open hearts will meet and enjoy themselves every year.

7 July 2011, Vodafest - Czech and Slovak Association was incorporated to allow festival to cherish and bloom and also provide safe environment for all the volunteers, partners and organisers. Additionally Vodafest Association Inc. is a non for profit organisation where all the profits are reinvested back into Czech and Slovak community. Therefore Vodafest not only donated part of its profits to the Sumava Peksa Park but will also build up and finance the construction of the Children's Playground at this community centre.