Statement of Purpose

VodaFest exists to bring together a broad group of people living in Australia with a love of and interest in the Czech and Slovak cultures. As well as Czech and Slovak migrants and nationals, these include people with Czech/Slovak heritage, interested Australians and their families and friends.

Our purpose is to:

  1. To share a love of the Czech and Slovak lands and their cultures.
  2. To create a platform for cultural programmes, educational and social goals and activities in response to community needs as may from time to time be determined by the Association.
  3. To enhance Czech and Slovak facilities in local communities of Australia.
  4. To bring together and integrate people with an interest in Czech and Slovak culture living in Australia.
  5. To raise awareness of the Czech and Slovak cultures within the broader Australian society.

An incorporation is a not for profit community group or club which is legal entity, with a formal legal structure. It can enter into contracts, open bank accounts, borrow money or by equipment under its own name. The organisation stays the same even if its members change.

Incorporation offers the following advantages for VodaFest:

  1. Allows protection of members and their own assets against personal liability for the organisations bebts and other legal obligations. The liability of the organisation (and people involved) is limited to the assets of the incorporated body.
  2. Ensures proper conduct of the association under law, such as auditing of finances, and rules of operation to abide by under the Associations Act.
  3. The above two things provide legal and financial credibility and accountability, enabling application for community grants and corporate sponsorships.
  4. Enables application for tax deductability status for donations.