On-site and on-street parking is available:

  1. Visitors parking. This is the most convenient way of all-day parking at VodaFest. Our signs and friendly volunteer staff will navigate you to the on-site parking areas. This car park will be available to all the visitors from 11 am to 8 pm and is free of charge.
    Note: If the on-site parking areas are full you will be advised to find a parking in close street parking areas.

  2. Disabled parking, is available only to vehicles with disabled person's parking card displayed, elderly persons and expectant women. The disabled parking is located on-site and our friendly staff will navigate you through.

  3. Performers and volunteers parking. This parking is available to all those who are helping to run the festival on the day and need to have a car access to the festival premises, such as technical vehicles, performers, medical staff and others. Only visitors with special permission will be allowed to park at this parking.