VodaFest this Saturday!

Dear friend,

After a year of waiting on your part and wild organising on ours, we are now 3 days from the third make of the Czech and Slovak Festival in Melbourne, VodaFest 2013. For those keen to come, here's what's awaiting you on the day. For those undecided, this should make it easier for you. Details and tickets online available at http://vodafest.org

  • Program
  • For Kids
  • Competitions
  • Czech and Slovak Cuisine
  • Surprise!

VodaFest 2013 in 3 weeks


This year's headliner is Miss Vendulka Wichta, a Czech-origin finalist of the 2012 X-Factor singing competition. Special guest is the Polish dance ensemble Polonez. We're going to introduce new talents, too, and a unique dance performance by the Slovak Social Club "Ludovit Stur"'s Liptar dance group.

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