Maypole Celebration and 'Witch Burning' - Spring Traditions

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Maypole Celebration

The VodaFest Association in cooperation with community members would like to invite you for a Maypole Celebration and 'Witch Burning' - Spring Traditions at Sumava Peksa Park.

Starting at 10 am, the program of the day will kick off with learning about spring traditions and craft workshops, preparation of 'morenas' (winter witch dolls) and presents for mums. We will also learn dances and songs for the afternoon Maypole Ceremony. Before we get some delicious lunch from Czech and Slovak cuisine we will build a small version of the maypole - Kids Maypole and get our little ones to prepare, decorate and help to rise their own Maypole (of course under the strict supervision of our health and safety guru).

After the lunch we will dress into the traditional costumes and get on with the Maypole Ceremony. We will need every hand to help us build the Maypole, so (according to the tradition) we are calling out for strong man to join our team of maypole builders and handy women to help decorate it.

We will finish the day with a ‘witch’ procession and burning of 'morenas' - symbol of leaving winter, followed by a campfire. You have plenty to look forward to, including good Czech beer and delicious food, so come and join us!