Event Calendar Subscription

We're excited to launch another service today, which will enable you to access the events advertised in the Czech and Slovak Newsletter directly from your mobile device or pretty much any calendar software you might be using.

The calendar address is: http://vodafest.org/ical

iPhone or iPad

In your iPhone's and iPad's calendar settings, Add Account - Other - Add Subscribed Calendar and use the address http://vodafest.org/ical to have your mobile device automatically updated with the upcoming community events.


On your Android phone, in the Calendar application, open Calendars / Add account / Add account / Type: Server. Configure the account like follows:

  1. Profile name: Vodafest
  2. Sync category: Calendar
  3. Sync type: Refresh from server
  4. Sync server:

Alternativelly, you can add the VodaFest event calendar to one of the Google calendars that you are already synchronising on your device.

Other devices

You should be able to use the same address (http://vodafest.org/ical) with other smartphones and calendar software, too, but give us a shout if you need help setting it up. We hope this will make it easier for you to keep track of what's happening.


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