Vodafest - Czech and Slovak Association Inc. Annual General Meeting

The Association held its Annual General Meeting on 5 August. The committee of management for the next year and the upcoming VodaFest 2013 - Czech and Slovak Festival is: Katarina Tomka (president), Lucia Mikulova (vice-president), Sandra Klepetko (secretary), Anne Fieldhouse (treasurer), Lucie Skaife and Miroslav Dinka.

Planning and organising of VodaFest 2013 - Czech and Slovak Festival is now underway and you'll be kept updated. Among others, two of the focus points for the next year are 1) applying for grants with Australian, Czech and Slovak governments, and 2) increasing the membership base in order for the festival to be eligible for broader funding.

If you enjoyed the festival two years ago or the one in February and would like to support the next one in the making, consider becoming a member of the association. The application form is available at http://vodafest.org/association/membership


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