Vodafest - Czech and Slovak Association Inc. Announcement

The new committee of Vodafest Association would like to express a special thanks to Sumava Peksa Park for their generous support and help with organisation of the two past festivals. Special thanks belongs to Alena Semecka, Helena Kolnik and Franta Vana for their valuable advises and willingness to help with festival preparations at all times. The Committee also thanks to all the board of trustees and other supporters from Sumava Peksa Park.

Vodafest Committee is aware that it is not easy to maintain and run place like Sumava. Therefore the Committee decided to contribute by a financial donation to the Sumava operations. This is an expression of gratitude for the excellent cooperation on the festival organization for the past two years. Vodafest Committee believe that this financial gift will help cover part of the Šumava costs so the Czech and Slovak community will be able to continue to use this beautiful place in order to preserve our culture and traditions.

Vodafest in cooperation with Sumava Peksa Park will also contribute to the development of Sumava facilities by building a Children's Playground at the Sumava premises. Vodafest - Czech and Slovak Association will fully finance this project from it's past and future profits and government grants. The projection of the Children's Playground is currently underway and we will inform you about the details of this project in the following news.

If you would like to support Vodafest initiatives you can become a Vodafest member. Please download the application form or contact us.

President Katarina Tomka (left) handovers the Vodafest financial gift to Alena Semecka and Helena Kolnik as a gratitude for the past cooperation.