VodaFest this Saturday!

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After a year of waiting on your part and wild organising on ours, we are now 3 days from the third make of the Czech and Slovak Festival in Melbourne, VodaFest 2013. For those keen to come, here's what's awaiting you on the day. For those undecided, this should make it easier for you. Details and tickets online available at http://vodafest.org

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  • For Kids
  • Competitions
  • Czech and Slovak Cuisine
  • Surprise!

VodaFest 2013 in 3 weeks


This year's headliner is Miss Vendulka Wichta, a Czech-origin finalist of the 2012 X-Factor singing competition. Special guest is the Polish dance ensemble Polonez. We're going to introduce new talents, too, and a unique dance performance by the Slovak Social Club "Ludovit Stur"'s Liptar dance group.



Sponsored by Hendry Pianos

An opportunity for Czechs and Slovaks to submit their favorite images from their homeland...
And for visitors to the Czech and Slovak Republics to select highlight photos from their trip...

Images from home

Images from home1Hendry Pianos





Think that Nigella Lawson is overrated? Bored with watching “My Kitchen Rules” on TV? Think you are better than the contestants on Masterchef? Then have a go at competing in our “BABOVKA BAKEOFF” !

Never heard of a “Babovka”?

A Babovka is a traditional cake of the Central Europe. In other countries it is also known as gugelhupf, marble cake, pound cake, kuglof, babka or wacka. It may contain chocolate or coconut or poppy seeds. It is baked in a special circular pan originally made of pottery. Deceptively simple, it is an art to get the babovka light and fluffy.



VodaFest Camping Weekend

Saturday, 2 February 2013 - 12:00pm
Sumava Peksa Park
46 Locks Way
Belgrave South, VIC 3081

Vodafest Check and Slovak Association would like to invite you for this overnight event full of fun, surprise and adventure where you can not only learn bush survival skills but also put them in practice!

Vodafest 2013 - Save the date!

I believe that you are looking forward to the next Vodafest which is fast approaching.

Vodafest 2013 will be held on 16 March 2013. The third make of the festival will be held during the Victoria’s Cultural Diversity Week. This week full of celebrations is an opportunity for all communities living in Melbourne share their cultures, religion and language and to celebrate the benefits multicultural society brings to Victoria. Multicultural events, festivals, concerts and fundraising dinners will be held at various locations in Melbourne during this week. We are glad that Vodafest - Czech and Slovak festival will be one of them.

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